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In spring 2004 Dalibor (aka Insanus), drummer and Bojan, guitarist, begun to create songs again. They are ex-members of black metal bands Castrum and Gorthaur’s Wrath. Ivan joined as a bass player. At first, intention was to find female vocal, but after few candidates bend quit this idea, so Bojan took vocal duties.

First gig was in May, 2005. At the end of that year we started to record demo. First recordings didn’t go too well, so we had to do all over again. That took us more than a year. So, at beginning of 2007 thing started to look better. Demo was at the end and another guitarist, Mali Marko, joined the band.

During the summer demo was completed, and it came time to look for as many gigs as possible. In October that year we won in Nova Rijeka Rooka festival, among bands of different musical direction.

A new chapter in bands history was open when Danko joined the band as vocal, at winter 2008. Gigs and work on new songs followed. Another change in line up happened at autumn 2010, when Ivan (bass) due to job obligations left the band. Replacement was found very quickly in Emanuel (Manu). Around that time recordings of new material was finished, and new album was ready. Release date was set at March 8. 2011 under the name “Stari panj”.

The only idea behind the band was to play metal, without limits. To determine where will you put CZAAR's music in metal sub-genre you'll need to listen their songs. CZAAR jokingly like to call it sweet-thrash metal.

Currently band is working on new songs...

How will it sound you can hear HERE